Welcome to the STEM Fuse Arcade.

ATTENTION! There have been changes to the STEM Fuse Arcade. Going forward, you no longer will be required to create an account to play any of our arcade games. However, if you do wish to submit a game to the Got Game competition or submit a high score (coming soon), you will need to have an account. If you currently have an account on STEM Fuse Educate, you may use the same account to log into the Arcade. If you previously had a separate Arcade account, that account will no longer be valid and you will be required to make a new account.

Play, Create, and Upload

The STEM Fuse arcade is the best place to play games, learn how to build games, enter game contests, and find out more about STEM Fuse and our game design curriculum. So stay awhile and have some fun.

Game Machine

Construct 2

Looking to get more out of Construct 2? Check out the available licenses and unlock all the features Construct 2 has to offer.

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GAME:IT Arcade

Thinking of trying GAME:IT in your classroom? Fantastic, here are a few games that students actually build while taking the course. And yes, you can build them too

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