Here is the collection of games submitted to STEM Fuse's latest Got Game competition. Make sure to check out all the games you can!

Beyond Helios

Beyond Helios is a classic arcade space shooter. Defeat each zone of enemies and gain points as you progress.

Built by Caleb Maranto from Kingwood High School

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Stupid Smash Dudes

Fight other players in a simple yet engaging battle! Stupid Smash Dudes is a local co-op fighting game. You need to have several people play it on one computer, so please get multiple people and controllers. The keyboard may be used as well to control any player. Most of the characters are my and my friends' parodies of "Spoderman". Game developed by Aaron Franke and Michael Chaisson in the Construct2 game engine. Other credits found within the game. All of the content of this game is either created by us, under a free license, in the public domain, or covered by fair use doctrine. All content uploaded to STEMFuse for the Got Game competition may be redistributed with credit by anyone. STEMFuse has full permission to do as they please with our game. I have also put the game on Itch.io: https://aaronfranke.itch.io/stupid-smash-dudes

Built by Aaron Franke, Michael Chaisson from Kingwood High School

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Traverse through color themed dimensions in this fun but difficult platformer. Contains 54 levels packed with features such as wall jumping, jump floating, reverse gravity, and much more!

Built by Jared Miscisin from Kingwood High School

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Zombie Outbreak

Survive the waves of zombies! Use a selection of upgradable guns that you find in the game to help you through the hoards. You also have the option to use a knife. The goal is to get to wave 100, where a special prize awaits you. You can save the game at any point by pausing and clicking save after wave 1 and come back to it whenever you want so you don't have to beat the game in one sitting. As you progress, you will be able to visit new areas. The game is complete with graphics and sounds. Make sure to try out the tutorial first so you know how to play. Can you find the hidden easter egg? If you beat the game, send us a screenshot at kannassz@students.hustisford.k12.wi.us

Built by Michael Schlehlein, Zack Kannass from Hustisford High School

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The Confused Platformer

Scientists just figured out how to make intelligent organisms, and they want to see if it can solve complex tasks. Unfortunately for you, you are this organism, and they didn’t do a good job of telling you how to move. Try to complete the scientist’s puzzles while staying sane in this confusing puzzle plat-former.

Built by Jarod Pivovar from Blaine Senior High

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You are a red circle, moving through mazes while dodging projectile squares, and quiz levels to move on to the next maze. Your goal is to make it through all of the mazes while not losing all three of your lives.

Built by Marissa Nelson from Blaine High School

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Riley is simple. Riley is a blue wisp boy. Sam is a pink wisp girl. Dan is an evil lil' gremlin man thing. Dan hates Riley. Dan steals Sam. Riley puts on his big boy pants and jumps through buzzsaws and shockblocks. You are Riley. NOW GO SAVE HER ALREADY!

Built by Vincent Maresca / Isaac Salazar from San Gabriel High School

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A world shrouded in darkness. Light the way, free the fireflies. ___FIRE:FLY___ *an atmospheric puzzle platformer*

Built by Evan Cheng, Henry Juan, Aditya Soedharto, Tiffany Lac, Tomi Tran, Vonny Anastasya from Mark Keppel High School

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Innovation of War

A simple tank game with a story about a tank commander and his crew who were accused of being spies. Follow them in their story as they try to escape from the German and Americans forces and regroup with their commander, who knows that they are innocent. Survival Mode: Survive for as long as possible against the hordes of tanks that comes after you. Compete with your friends to see who can survive the longest!

Built by Jacky Zhou, Jenny Wang, Riker Santivong, Joshua Serrano, Jun Huang, and Edwin Wong from Mark Keppel High School

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Being lost in a forest is bad. Being alone is bad enough...is this literally all the script? Umm I think the developer is still figuring out the story line for this game. Yeah. BUT WE HAVE TO GIVE THE PLAYERS SOME INFORMATION ABOUT THIS GAME! Umm...I think it's better to let the player figure out the storyline themselves. .....That's acually not a bad idea I think the develper is messing up our words again. (-_-) Why are still reading this? Play the game please. They put a lot of effort into this so please? I'll give a a virtual cookie! *Double-click on start screen to begin*

Built by Maihoua Xiong from Humboldt Highschool

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