Here is the collection of games submitted to STEM Fuse's latest Got Game competition. Make sure to check out all the games you can!


A vexingly difficult game of blocks.

Built by Andy Thao from Humboldt High School

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Ammo Reigns Supreme

Ammo Reigns Supreme is a 2D fast paced platform shooter game, in which you play the role of Adam, the assumed last survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse. Adam has been living in his family's cabin in the woods for a long while now, but since he has run out of food he must escape from the forest. Adam brings along his trusty handgun, which is inconveniently low on ammo, and heads off into the forest where he tackles hordes of zombies with the help of his gun and some conveniently placed needles holding the cure to the virus (how the heck did those get in the woods?). ARS contains three zombie-packed levels for you to fight your way through. The game was created in the FREE version of construct 2, which has many limits, the worst being the 100 event limit. If my game manages to score first, or perhaps "Peoples Choice", I will spend some time developing more types of zombies, levels, and some sick new guns. I hope you enjoy my game.

Built by Charles Kennedy from Wayzata High School

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The Great Adventure

A platformer which involves attacking/avoiding monsters collecting points by destroying them and traversing throughout the levels. There are two boss fights during the game one 3 levels in the other at the end and a bonus if you end up winning.

Built by David Shaleen from Wayzata High School

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Cloud Runner

In this game, your mind has been trapped in the Cloud Realm. Escape this world by following the signs and beating the levels or you'll be stuck in this place forever!

Built by David Zhang from Laramie High School

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A 2D action platforming game where the player plays as a thief, and has to escape to their hideout

Built by Eric LaMar, Christopher Henry, Johnathan Andrade from Victor Valley High School

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You are a little fox who is lost in the mountains.

Built by Travis Pegenia, Miguel Molina, Jade Marshall, Screaminghawk Pepper from Victor Valley High School

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Exclusive Dating Sim 2016

Extremely edgy dating sim

Built by Spencer Tsao, Elijio Andrade-Jimenez, Matthew McGill, Adrian Shepherd from Victor Valley High School

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The Shifting Mansion

The walls are ever shifting and changing. A murderous killer stalks the halls. Can you escape The Shifting Mansion alive? Use the "WASD" Keys to navigate the mansion! Hide from the killer and collect keys to open locked doors. When the screen grows red, be careful! The killer is drawing near... A survival horror game created by Brendan Gee and Mason Davis.

Built by Brendan Gee & Mason Davis from Wayzata Highschool

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Zombie Run

Fight your way through zombies in this platform type game

Built by Toy'Jon Williams, Jonathan Lopez, Clarence Key from Victor Valley High Shool

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Tale of Two Swordsmen

In this two-player fighting game, players will take control of the two swordsmen Blue and Red. Whenever one player lands an attack, their opponent flies backward based on their corresponding percentage at the bottom of the screen. The game ends when either player falls out of the layout, leading to the endgame screen with multiple preset messages.

Built by Christian Anderson from Wayzata High School

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