ACORE Energy Adventure

ACORE Energy Adventure offers three different levels that play differently but share the same goal, travel as far as you can. You can travel by Land (car), Air (plane), or

Asteroid Destroyer

In Asteroid Destroyer students defend their ship from a flurry of asteroids. Using missiles, students shoot at and destroy the asteroids as they split into pieces to clear

Boom Pow Math: Functions

Boom Pow Math: Functions takes solving functions to a whole new level. Move your player around the grid, places bombs on the correct values while avoiding the math-hating alien

Bovine Battle

Bovine Battle is a game similar to classic Bomberman but instead of bombs you need to use cow pies to try to win the game. Move your player controlled cow around the map

Bug Smash

Nobody wants bugs hanging around, and that is exactly the goal of Bug Smash. In this timed game you try to get rid of all the bugs as fast as you can. Moving the bugs into rows

CannonBall Launch

In CannonBall Launch students change the speed and angle to hit different targets that appear on the screen. The student will go through different levels that affect the

Crash Zone

Crash Zone is a 2-player destruction derby game. The object is to use your car to damage the other player's car beyond repair. Use your back-end and aim for their front-end for

Falling for Newton

Falling for Newton is a simple platform game where you'll help Sir Issac Newton to catch as many apples as possible. But watch out for rotten apples!