Asteroid Destroyer

In Asteroid Destroyer students defend their ship from a flurry of asteroids. Using missiles, students shoot at and destroy the asteroids as they split into pieces to clear waves. This game is made in Construct 2 and helps students learn how to make a wave system and doubling asteroids while decreasing the size every time the asteroid is hit. This is a game students will build in our "GAME:IT 2.0" course.
This game was made by using this tutorial


Player Sprites are credited to Scorpio (

Skills Learned

- Generate Asteroids that rotate and move random - Learn how to pin images together to make the ship - Learn how to make health bar to show amount of health remaining


To defend your aircraft from incoming asteroids and breaking them to bits. This is done thru navigating around and shooting rockets to destroy the asteroids.


Use the arrow keys to maneuver your ship. Use the up arrow to accelerate forward, left and right keys to steer and the down arrow to slow down or stop.