Bovine Battle

Bovine Battle is a game similar to classic Bomberman but instead of bombs you need to use cow pies to try to win the game. Move your player controlled cow around the map planting cowpies that explode, destroying haybales, and sometimes revealing valuable powerups. Use skill and strategy to trap your opponent or use a powerful line cowpie to catch them off guard and destroy them across the map. But while all this is happening you must avoid farmers who roam around the map. This is a game students will build in our "GAME:IT 2.0" course.

Skills Learned

-Multiple player controls. -Animations for player and non-player controlled characters -Using functions to run multiple events


In one player mode you need to eliminate all the hay bales. In two player mode you need to eliminate the other player.


Player 1: WASD to move and SPACEBAR to lay cow pies. Player 2: ARROW KEYS to move and ENTER to lay cow pies.