Crash Zone

Crash Zone is a 2-player destruction derby game. The object is to use your car to damage the other player's car beyond repair. Use your back-end and aim for their front-end for maximum damage. Avoid taking damage from the other player and hitting the wall to ensure your victory. Crash Zone has 2 different playable surface, each will affect your car differently. Use WASD and the Arrow keys to control each car. This is a game students will build in our "GAME:IT 2.0 Intermediate" course.

Skills Learned

- Use angles to determine point of collision - Calculate damage based on point of collision and speed - Use different surfaces to create distinct driving environments base on speed, acceleration and traction.


Use your car to damage the other car until their health is zero, while avoid damaging your own car.


Black Car moves with WASD. White Car moves with Arrow Keys. Press F for fullscreen