Mini Racers

Mini Racers is a racing game built with Construct 2. The game has options for one and two player mode, and allows for the selection of different race tracks. Based on the race track selected, the cars handle differently adding an extra challenge. The game also creates computer race cars that will try to beat you in the race Your task is not an easy one... now go and win first place! This is a game students will build in our "GAME:IT 2.0 Junior" course.

Is the game too small? Depending on your Browser, you can click the F key to try to go into full screen mode.


  • Single and Multiplayer mode
  • Dirt and Speedway tracks with different driving conditions and handling
  • Computer racers

Skills Learned

- How to control Car Movement - How to build a race track with wall collisions - How to build a two player game - How all create multiple race tracks - How to add car power-ups to the race - How to create and control Computer Car AI (artificial intelligence) so the computer cars race realistically around the track - How to add sound effects to the racing game


Win the Race and get first place


Player 1: Up arrow is gas, down arrow is brake, Left/Right arrows to steer. Player 2: W key is gas, S key is brake, A/D keys to steer. Press F for Fullscreen