GOT GAME Finalists


The voting period may be over but take a look and play the games from the Fall 2019 Top 12! Build your own games for the Spring 2020 GOT GAME Competition! Check out previous GOT GAME winners in the GOT GAME? Hall of Fame!

Defenders of Terra

The year is 2145, and the human race is at peace. Technology had exploded faster than it ever had before. However, their peace would soon end as news came out that a monstrous object had entered the outer Asteroid Belt. The object was headed straight for the Earth itself. The government had designed spaceships to destroy this object, as well as creating an AI to control these spaceships. You are this AI, you are the Terran Protector. Goal of game: Destroy the final asteroid and save the Earth

Built by Ben B. from Livonia Career Technical Center

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