Middle and high school students are invited to compete in the GOT GAME Competitions.
This is YOUR opportunity to showcase your game development talent.

Contest Details

Contest is open to students from 5th - 12th grades

  • Games must be created using Construct 3 by Scirra.
  • The game must be the original work of the student(s) submitting the entry. Non-original works will automatically be removed and school will be in jeopardy of having all other student games removed. Be original. What constitutes an original game will be left to the sole discretion of STEM Fuse.
  • Any games containing graphic violence, obscenities, or vulgarity will not be accepted. Keep it PG.
  • All submissions must be made from schools that are currently STEM Fuse customers.
  • Only one game submission per student.
  • No limit to the number of submissions from a single school.
  • Student may work as individuals or as part of a team.

Submission Process

View the GOT GAME Competition page for deadlines and announcement dates. We will not accept any late submissions.

Games must be submitted via the Stem Fuse Arcade Site (Go to to sign up for a free account). Upload your game file (.capx). Once uploaded, your game will go through a short approval process, in which we will make sure that the game works. Once, all judging has been completed, the top 10 game will be published on the site and opened to voting. If your game is chosen in the top 10 you will be notified and given a copy the share link to share your game with your friends or social networks.

Games must include these things

  • The Construct 3 Game File
  • Instructions within the Game
  • Link to Google Doc with CC Credits
  • School Name
  • Teacher’s Name and Phone Number
  • Game file may not exceed 50 MB

NOTE:All participating student’s info must be included. Account e-mail addresses will be only used to notify winners and send prizes.

Winning Criteria

The judges will be selecting a winner based on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Overall Game Design and Quality
  • Game Complexity
  • Enjoyment (how fun is your game?)
  • Voting on the STEM Fuse Arcade
  • NOTE:The top three places will be chosen by a panel of STEM Fuse judges, all with backgrounds in game design. The game with the most votes takes the People's Choice award.

Announcement of Winners

  • Winners will be announced on the GOT GAME Competition page at the listed dates.
  • Winners will be notified and will receive their prizes via e-mail.
  • Winners will also be announced on our website and Facebook and Twitter. Plus the winning games will be posted on our website for all to play!
  • Prizes have to be claimed within 45 days of the winners being announced.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the student’s first name and last initial will be used in our announcements, along with the name of
their high school (i.e., Mike T. from Ford High School).


If you have any questions about the GOT GAME? Competition, e-mail

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