Star Defender

In Star Defender students defend space from alien invasions. Using missiles, students clear space of the invading aliens and bosses. This game is made in Construct 2 and helps students learn how to make the difficulty increase as the game goes on, shows them how to use formulas, how to make power ups, and how to make a boss after each wave. This is a game students will build in our "GAME:IT 2.0 Intermediate" course.


Enemy Images are from MillionthVector
Player Image are from Rawdanitsu (
Boss Images used are credited to Skorpio (

Skills Learned

- How to make difficulty increase as the game goes on - How to use different origins on an object - How to make a "boss" type object - How to make power ups - How to use formulas


To defend space from the alien invasion.


Use the left and right arrow key to move your ship while using the space bar to shoot at the invading aliens.