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The voting period may be over but take a look and play the games from the Spring 2018 Top 10! Get ideas and build your own games for the Fall 2018 GOT GAME Competition! Check out previous GOT GAME winners in the GOT GAME? Hall of Fame!

Delve Deeper

Delve Deeper is a traditional turn-based action RPG in which you take turn fighting enemies. You can play as 1 of 3 different characters. You will go on a journey through a forest all the way to a nearby dungeon in which rumors have been circulating in which strange things have been happening.

Built by Nathan M., Benjamin G., Jason O., Jordan W. from Atascocita High School

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Dungeon Escape

Escape the dungeon! In this RPG style game, objective get out by interacting with various objects around the levels.

Built by Hunter Z. from FJ Turner High School

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The Chad Adventures

You play a knight in search of a temple which has a powerful scroll in it. Your choices have dire consequences...choose wisely!

Built by Clarence K. from Victor Valley High School

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You play as test subject L05T who is imprisoned on an alien ship. You must find your way home, and try not to get lost.

Built by Evan W., Brandon W., Erick F. from Mark Keppel High School

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The Caverns

Mine and explore your way through mysterious environments in order to destroy a malicious meteor.

Built by Lucas H. from Bellingham High School

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Blind Chase

Blind Chase is a story based interactive game. You play as a detective who is investigating murder cases, which were conducted by an anonymous killer. Your goal is to track down the killer, find out who he is, and what are his goals.

Built by Harry W., Andy L., Mathew L. from Mark Keppel High School

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Bunny Adventures

Bunny Adventures is a two-player co-op game that consists of 3 levels, the 3rd level being the boss level and the first 2 you have to over come obstacles and collect the keys that will unlock the door in order to proceed to the next level. You and a friend will play as the Bunny players and work together to beat the game!

Built by Kylie L., Tiffany C., Ryan U. from Mark Keppel High School

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Gliding Giraffe

Gliding Giraffe is a gravity platformer with a "gliding" element. The goal is to collect stars and eventually reach the wizard, while dodging bombs and lions. STORY: Gair the giraffe has the shortest neck out of his entire family and all the giraffes in his tower. Because of this, he cannot reach the leaves on high branches and is often made fun of. However, he dreams of one day being able to reach the highest of heights and touch the sky. So, he goes off on his own adventure in search of a magic wizard that will help him achieve his dream. Along the way, Gair comes across an engineer that helps him temporarily achieve his dream by entrusting him with a glider. Using this glider, Gair continues his travels in search of the magic wizard who will make him taller. First, he must leave the savanna where he lives with his family. Then, he travels to the castle where the wizard dwells.

Built by Kaitlyn P., Kelly Q. from Mark Keppel High School

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You play as a water droplet, Drop, trying to get back to his family after being separated from the oasis in the desert. Navigate through snakes, cacti, and more to bring Drop back to the oasis. It's a 2D platforming game with levels and simple battle mechanics.

Built by Carina L., Vivian J., Thomas W. from Mark Keppel High School

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DEFECT is a game about a defective android who narrowly avoids being scrapped. Equipped with bombs specifically made to propel users while leaving no trace, players must guide FRE:BOT to escape from test labs.

Built by Emily D. & Alex D. from Mark Keppel High school

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Don't let the enemies get by! Maintain a high level of accuracy while shooting down the enemy. Bombs away!

Built by Ethan S. from Troy Athens High School

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A puzzle game all about levers. Use strategy to move through the game.

Built by Jason W. from Blaine Senior High

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